I give your consulting and interior design services the highest recommendation and encourage anyone interested in improving their brand to avail themselves of your services. You provided invaluable consultation to the Modernization Committee and Board of Directors and completed the work on time, within budget and using the stated materials. I also appreciate you being there every step of the way. Since completion of the project, we’ve received very positive feedback as to the value of the improvements validating our return on investment.
— William Chapman, President The Colonies Condominium of McLean
90 Decibels always delivers a beautiful model and keeps Williamsburg Homes updated on new trends and colors. This team takes as much pride in our homes as we do and I am always confident that they will deliver a model design that I can be proud of, and that the public will fall in love with!
— Williamsburg Homes
This team knows how to pull everything together to make a room work! They provide numerous options and design styles to get a look you’ll love. Some people just have a knack for making things beautiful—90 Decibels does that, and more.
— Residential Customer, McLean, VA
Your work is getting great reviews and the sales team is very satisfied. Appreciate your ability to hit our tight deadlines with a quality product every time!
— Lennar
I know when Louise and her team deliver a model it will be a great presentation tool. From a beautifully designed home that showcases our various design finishes and features to memorable spaces and a look that says “I want to live here” - a model by 90 Decibels always has a positive impact on sales!
— John Minzer, Timberlake Homes
90 Decibels were able to quickly come up with ideas that incorporated my existing furnishings. They added textures, finishes and colors that I wouldn’t have even thought of. Most importantly, there weren’t alot of iterations. After that initial consultation they instantly knew what I liked. 90 Decibels made the process painless and not overwhelming and always came prepared with pictures and samples. They are very professional and just genuinely a pleasure to work with. I will definitely contact 90 Decibels again for decorating needs in the future.
— Residential Customer, Fulton, Md
From staged to SOLD in three days - now that’s what I call success. Thank you 90 Decibels!
— Kathy Pritchard, Timberlake Homes
I’ve worked with 90 Decibels on several interior design elements of my new home. They prepared a detailed color scheme for all of the rooms for the home. This included specifications for accent walls and some use of wallpaper. 90 dB’s knowledge of color, accent and coordination is phenomenal. After move-in they prepared design presentations for my dining room and owner’s suite including draperies, furniture and carpet. Again, color, style, accent and coordination were outstanding. I’m very pleased with how my home looks and its interior design. For designers, they are very easy to work with. While they are certainly confident in their ideas and presentations, they’re not afraid to modify their design to your own taste. I’m thrilled to have 90 Decibels as my interior design consultant.
— Residential Customer, Columbia, Md